Troy Augustine

A website of Troy Augustine and Troy Stephen Augustine.

Hello, I am Troy Augustine.


Hello, I am Troy Stephen Augustine. I seldom use my middle name. I am commonly known as Troy Augustine.

Troy Augustine hails from Salt lake City, Utah. Troy Stephen Augustine finds that SLC, Utah is a wonderful place to live.  There are many educational and recreational opportunities in Utah.

Troy Augustine has taken advantage of many of the educational opportunities that are available at the University of Utah.  Troy Stephen Augustine is only two classes away from a bachelors degree in History and Archeology.

imageUnfortunately, Troy Stephen Augustine experiences anxiety when taking math exams.  Because of this anxiety, Troy Augustine must take two math classes, the most difficult class being Algebra and Trigonometry.

Troy Augustine is a mixture of Italian and Native American Indian. Troy Stephen Augustine is proud of his Italian heritage as well as his American Indian history. Above all, in this great mixing bowl of the United States and Salt Lake City, Troy Augustine is an American.

As far away as Salt Lake City is from Italy, Troy Stephen Augustine’s grandfather, Domenico D’Agostino came into this world in Piana di Caiazzo, Caserta, Campania, Italy.  As far as the Cree Indian Nation is from SLC, Troy’s maternal parentage is Native Indian.

In the United States there are many men named Troy Augustine and Troy Stephen Augustine. Some of these Augustine’s have had difficulties with the police in the distant past and as an unfortunate result have their images displayed on and other extortion like web pages. Because of the problems caused the harmful information websites and the problems that they create for Troy Stephen Augustine in obtaining employment and housing, Troy has requested that one of his acquaintances that knows how to address negative web websites to help him. Troy Augustine has a friend, who operates the website from SLC, Utah who provides information about and other mugshot type web pages. Troy Augustine’s friend is beginning to illustrate how to handle negative online information. Troy Stephen Augustine’s friend has agreed to assist Troy in repairing his online reputation.

This profile is the third of that series that illustrates how to repair an online reputation and take control of your name in the search engines with blogs and micro blogs.

Troy Stephen Augustine’s background and history
Troy lives in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Salt Lake City is abbreviated as SLC

Troy Augustine’s Activities and Interests
Coin collecting, online gaming